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A good friend of ours has been a missionary in Africa for a number of years. Now married to a Kenyan, she is based out of a small village there. Rob and I have long supported her and her organization, Living Room Ministries International.

Living Room created and is responsible for Kimbilio Hospice, a 24 bed, inpatient hospice that provides quality palliative care services to adults and children living with life-threatening illnesses. These services are all provided free of charge to those who need care.

To honor World Hospice Day on October 13, 2013, Living Room is hosting the first ever Kimbilio Hospice Marathon to raise money to help reduce suffering and bring hope to adults and children in Kimbilio Hospice.

Although we can't quite make it to Kenya for the marathon, Rob and I jumped on the opportunity to be a part of this event and help with the fundraising. We are participating in the Silverton 1000 race over Labor Day weekend and are dedicating our miles in support of Kimbilio. Rob (and Matt) are doing the 48 hour race and I'll be doing the 24 hour. This race takes place in Silverton, CO at an elevation of 9318 feet. The course is a 1 mile trail loop with a total of 500 feet in elevation change per loop (250 feet up and back down). The goal is to rack up as many miles as you can during the time you are running.

Rob is hoping to get in close to 200 miles, Matt is hoping to make it to 100, and my goals are a much more modest 26!

Please consider making a donation to Kimbilio through my fundraising page:

Online fundraising for Deb Palmer-Distante fundraising for Team Living Room- Silverton 1000

Any amount you can contribute is greatly appreciated!

It's all the child's fault

Recently, the boychild had a Family History assignment for his Language Arts class. I made the mistake of dipping my toe into and have become obsessed with doing genealogy research. So many ancestors! Is this the right Meyer? Is that the right Kephart? Thank god for online databases and scanned original documents!

In any case, as I've been pursuing this, I keep having random thoughts, questions, ponderings, what have you about life, family, searching, etc. So I have created a blog just for such ramblings and Eureka! moments.

You can find me at Finding Branches: Adventures in Genealogy at Blogspot. Please feel free to come and make fun of me, offer suggestions, ask questions, etc.

Sep. 22nd, 2010

pillow fort
...swirling down into a deep depression...

An open letter to wait staff

Dear Waitperson,

Contrary to what you might believe, you are not entitled to a tip because of your very existence. A tip is provided for service. Good service = good tip, bad service = bad tip. So if you provide me with good service, I will provide you with a good tip. If your service sucks, so will your tip.

I am not mandated to automatically leave you 15% no matter what. You have to earn it. Although you don't know me, I typically tip much closer to 20% for good service, regardless of whether I am dining alone or with my husband/family/friends. But if you barely take my order, bring the bill practically as soon as my food is served, never asking how anything is, and bring my requested refill to go in a child's cup instead of a regular go cup, you're going to get 10% or less. Just something to think about.



Valentine's Day

11 years ago today, which was also a somewhat rainy day, if I recall correctly, the hubby and I were at baiacou's house with some other friends from Highlander days. They had come to town to go to a special viewing of the series end being given by Gillian Horvath, one of the writers from the show, whom several of us had gotten to know at cons and via fandom, being held the night before. Hubby and I were slated to go to that viewing too but the combination of his being three hours late picking me up in East LA due to an accident on the freeway and then getting lost trying to find the location of the viewing led to the worst migraine of my entire life and we ended up at home instead.

I skipped work the following day and we drove to the house Morgan lived in at the time to meet up with everyone. It was a lovely, if somewhat damp, day and we all took a trip to the beach. We had to leave sooner than I would have liked but hubby, knowing how much I love the ocean, told me that we could come back later, before we headed home, if I'd like.

When we left Morgan's, a light mist was falling and hubby asked if still wanted to go the beach. For me, that's pretty much a no-brainer and I answered in the affirmative. We headed back to where we'd been that afternoon and walked down to the beach. And there, at just a twinkle past midnight, making it Feb. 14, he got down on one knee in the sand and asked me to marry him. We both cried when I said yes. It was a lovely and magical moment and even though there are times that I swear I'd like to dropkick him to the moon, I've never regretted it.

I love you, honey!

*sticking tongue out at elismor

I don't care how heathenish it is, I put flavored Coffee Mate in my tea. I *like* it that way.

Fingers crossed, please!

This afternoon, demeth, aka the hubby, and I are putting in an offer on a house. We would greatly appreciate crossed fingers, toes, or any other body parts that you perceive to be appropriate and vibes/prayers/etc. sent into the universe or to the god/goddess of your choice.

In spite of the minor things that need to be done (paint, carpeting, new kitchen countertops and appliances), this house has tons of potential. It's also 3.5 x bigger than our existing house (3687 sq. ft. vs 1040 sq ft). Two fireplaces and a pool.

From House

Here is a link to the pictures I took today. Kindly ignore the weird lighting and color. I was playing with my new camera, which has an architectural setting. Color is irrevelant anyway as we'd be repainting everything but the downstairs bathroom and replacing all the carpeting.

Live, from South Dakota!

We have made it to South Dakota in our travels (waves at celli on general principle). We are currently in Hot Springs and will check out The Mammoth Site once Rob gets back from running and then head to Wind Cave National Park. Then we'll be spending the next three nights at the Mt. Rushmore KOA (we had to - it's someplace called Palmer Gulch!) as we explore the area.

I've got our travel blog almost up to date - There are also lots of pics up at Picasa - Hopefully, I'll be able to get the Rocky Mountain pics up in the next couple of days.

On the road again

Okay, we have Winnie (mostly) packed and are getting ready to head out. First stop: Yosemite National Park, then making a big loop over to Mt. Rushmore, down through Colorado and New Mexico, and over to the Grand Canyon.

I'll be updating Out and About with the Distantes as we have Internet access (including with the remaining stops from our previous adventure). You can check it out at or subscribe to the feed here at LJ:

See you in August!

Jul. 2nd, 2008

I have no AC and no hot water. Either one of these things would be most annoying on it's own. Together? They are likely to drive me right off the edge. Especially in SoCal during the summer.

I may just have to move to a hotel until our next trip begins unless these issues are FIXED IMMEDIATELY.

So what is my husband doing? Playing on the XBOX with our son.

I need a shower. Now.


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